welcome Gina, I and our family, would like to welcome you to the Mending Wings website. We thank you so very much for your interest in our youth, our people, and our organization. We are keenly aware that there are a lot of good organizations out there, but we believe that we are an exceptional organization that has a special way of reaching Native youth on the reservation. We are greatly honored that you chose to learn more about us.

We hope this site gives you the information you are looking for, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Again, thank you, and enjoy.

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A great way to support Mending Wings is to conduct your internet searches through www.goodsearch.com....<more>
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We firmly believe that students shouldn’t have to wait until they are adults to be of help to someone else. Creator has given each student certain gifts...<more>
slam trips
S.L.A.M. Trips exists to provide youth groups with a Christ-centered and cross-cultural mission trip on the Yakama Reservation where students are taught...<more>